About me

I am Frenz Valios, an aspiring Web developer from Siquijor

I have 4 years of experience across Web development and programming languages such as Python, PHP, Javascript, and Nodejs. My goal is to be a Proffesional Web Developer and Python Programmer

What i'm doing

  • Backend

    I do create Backend APIs

  • Python stuffs

    I make Python stuffs for fun.


  • Kevin

    Kevin Saldia

    Jay-r Gwapo


A random videos me and my friends made.

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An extension for Chrome and other supported browsers for Occultext realtime translation

A project I made to encrypt and decrypt your texts using the Frenz method with a lots of features, (Inspired from Base64).

Siquijor Integrated School 2022 - 2023 completers

My skills

  • Web Dev
  • Python
  • Chess
  • Loving you Forever

Cover of the Month

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